Lutz Treczoks Cody

In the early 90's while researching software to create what are known as "bubble panoramas". I came across some software known as Pano Tools. One of the very early exponents of Pano Tools was Philippe Hurbain, whose site I visited regularly. It was from here that I saw his kite pages. But it never progressed from my point until years later, I came across James Gentles pages by accident researching what was on the web for the Falkirk Wheel and found stunning images taken from a kite over the Wheel.

Kites, well I never really thought of them other than for windy days on the beach. But the whole process fascinated me and I just had to have ago.

James's site supplied me with some basic info and equipment. I obtained a pretty basic kite that was only capable of lifting very light simple rigs but it was enough.