The basics are no flying of any kite above 200 feet (60 meters) above ground level or 30 meters in the vicinity of an aerodrome/airport. Vicinity means roughly within 2 miles of it's boundary.

All of the above may be exceeded with the written permission of the appropriate authority and subject to restrictions which they may impose on granting that permission. That Authority in the UK airspace is the UK Civil Aviation Authority, to whom the Police authorities will seek advice from in the event of an infringement or prosecution.
The Statutory Instruments that govern everything are the Air Navigation Order and The Rules of the Air.

Unfortunately it does not end there. Although the following may seem a little nerdy, it does unfortunately exist. That said I do not know of anyone in recent times that has been prosecuted under the Act. I am referring to the Police Town Clauses Act 1847 (England only). This effectively bans any kite flying in any public place or highway that may cause undue distruption or distress to humans or animals. This is important because large noisey kites can cause severe distress to animals. Horses can shy, cattle and sheep stampede. Furthermore in the lambing season around us in the Peak District there are restrictions in force for public activities to avoid undue distress for the ewes. So you have been warned, please be considerate in such circumstances.

Remember too that following 9/11 people have undoubtabley become more aware. So be prepared to be challenged and questioned. I think you will find that favourable responses will out weigh objections.

Lutz Treczoks Cody

Flying above the legal limit. Be careful its not recommended. In the UK today the emergency services and the media think nothing of utilising helicopters and slow flying fixed wing aircraft. These flights themselves are governed by minimum height rules. The Police and Emergency Services can exceed regulations in persuance of their duties. So be prepared to abort your mission.
You can apply to the CAA for written permission to exceed the limit. There is a form to fill in, its all quite painless, just don't expect instant results. All the details you supply have to be checked out. The form is comprehensive and it does rely and depend on you seeking ground permission where needed, first. Once granted you must observe the terms and conditions. It will not be a carte blanche flying permit. It will allow you a time span for you to carry out your mission and will attach various conditions such as who to contact before you fly and to let them know when you are finished, it may insist that you carry a moblle phone for communication throughout the flight and it will definitely set a maximum height limit to which you will be allowed to fly.

Night flying, daylight heights to be observed. Lights are only required if exceeding the restrictions. However I would advise that it is done on a club basis. Again it might be advisable to inform the local Police. The last thing you want to be involved with is being responsible for a UFO sighting.

The main thing is to prepare well and fly safely, that way you will keep within the law. Lastly I would advise taking out at least club level insurance.


Please Note

The information here is only applicable to UK air space.

Please consult your own countries Rules of the Air and any Air Navigation Orders that are in place.



Download the CAA KAP Permit form from: HERE