There is much to consider and all of us at sometime will need assistance with some aspect of any project. If I state the blindingly obviously I’m not going to apologise as it may provide the link for someone, likewise if I miss something I’m sure someone will point it out!

Please do read the section on KAP and the Law if you are considering taking this up.The Law pages are specific to the UK, however you will find that similar legislation exists in any country that follows the ICAO rules.

As with any such pastime if you observe the basics, safety will follow and everyone will be happy. Likewise the Weather section will I think help with trying to understand the wind and conditions which will allow flight. I've tried to be clear and concise but a basic knowledge of school physics is needed.

KITES - The tried and tested.

CAMERAS - We all have our own favourites but some pointers.

RIGS - If you are not a hobbyist or just don't have the time why try to re-invent the wheel.

ELECTRONICS - Covers Radio Control and some aspects of telemetry.

SOFTWARE - So you have some images, what next? Some ideas.