Delta Conyne & Cody at Pym's Chair, Peak District, Derbyshire.

Just trying my hand out using the SD5. Ground based footage of my DC and Cody. 2 minutes worth of reasonable quality. 62.5meg.

This video was taken by a friend, Roger Murray, of me flying the kite. A little entertaining, hopefully interesting but at least giving a flavour of what goes on. I've cut some aerial stills into the footage. Lafarge Works, Hope Valley.


This video was taken using the Canon G7 and utilising CHDK to initiate timed takes. The whole thing then being editied in iMovie.
As you will see there is no means of stabilizing the camera rig. The idea is that you use the slack line effect of the kite line to give enough time to steady the camera. It is a totally hit and miss affair but it keeps you fit!!

The controller you see I'm using at the beginning is part of the DuneCam System. Scott Armitage who makes this equipment is currently working on a gyro stabilized rig which is very impressive. You can see how impressive here: http://www.vimeo.com/3169089

Lutz Treczoks Cody


The project is to use the Panasonic HDC-SD5 on a standard Brooxes Rig.

I shall also be using the Canon G7 along with CHDK scripting to take video too.